baba-, (*bal-bal-)

baba-, (*bal-bal-)
    baba-, (*bal-bal-)
    English meaning: barbaric speech
    Deutsche Übersetzung: Schallwort, Lallwort for unartikuliertes undeutliches Reden
    Note: also bal-bal-, bar-bar- with multiple dissimilations, onomatopoeic words
    Material: O.Ind. bababü-karōti from the crackle of the fire; Gk. βαβαῖ, παπαῖ “ upon my soul, damn it all! “ (out of it Lat. bаbае, pаpае ds., as babaecalus perhaps “ fop, dandy “ from *βαβαίκαλος), βαβάζω “ chats, talks indistinctly “ (different is the sound conceivability from βαβράζω “ chirps “); Lat. babit (glO.S.S.) “he/ she shall make happy, gladden, bless”, babiger (glO.S.S.) ‘stupid”; Ital. babbo “father” (Welsh baban “kid, child” is Eng. Lw.); Maybe Alb. baba “father” : bebe “child” Alb. bebë “ the newborn kid, child”; Eng. baby “kid, child”, Swe. dial. babbe “kid, child, small boy “ (see also unter büxmb- “ swell “), M.H.G. bübe, bōbe “ missis; old woman, mother” (about buobe “ boy “ see under bhrütēr “brother”); Lith. bóba, O.C.S. baba “ old woman “; Serb.-Church Slavic bъbl”u, bъbati “ stammer “, Serb. bòboćem, bobòtati “ clatter with the teeth “ etc; Ltv. bibinüt “ babble, murmur “, O.Pruss. bebbint “ mock “. balbal- (babal-, bambal-, from which bam-b-, bal-b- under likewise): O.Ind. balbalü-karōti ‘stammers”; Bulg. blаbо́l”ъ, bъlból”ъ “ chats “, Lith. balbãsyti “ babble “, Ser.-Cr. blàbositi “ stammer “, Russ. bolobólitъ “ chat, drivel “, Cz. beblati ‘stammer”; Lat. babulus “ chatterbox, a babbler, fool “; Ger. babbeln, pappeln, Eng. babble, Nor. bable, Swe. babbla, O.Ice. babba “chat”; Lat. balbus “ stammering, babbling “, balbūtiō “ to stammer, stutter; hence in speak obscurely “, O.Ind. balbūthá -ḥ name (actually “ stammerer “); Mayne Alb. (*balbus) belbëzoj “babble” Cz. blb “ gannet, gawk “, blblati, bleptati ‘stammer, stutter”; Serb. blebètati, Lith. blebénti “babble”; Gk. βαμβαλύζω (out of it Lat. bambalō), βαμβακύζω “ my teeth are chattering”, βαμβαίνω “ stammers “. With -r-: O.Ind. barbara-ḥ “ stammering “, pl. name of non-Aryan people (provided that here r on IE r and O.Ind. l in balbalü goes back to IE l), Gk. βάρβαρος “ not Greek, speaking an unintelligible / incomprehensible language “ (from which Lat. barbarus) “βαρβαρόφωνος “ from incomprehensible language “ (barely after Weidner Gl. 4, 303 f. from babylon. barbaru “ stranger, foreign, alien “), Serb. brboljiti, brbljati “babble” (see also under bher- “ to drone, buzz, hum “), Lat. baburrus “ foolish, silly “, Gk. βαβύρτας ὁ παράμωρος Hes. (about Lat. burrae “trifles, nonsense” s. WH. I 124). Here perhaps also O.Ind. büla-ḥ “ young, childish, simple “, possibly also Slav. relationship from Russ. balákatь “ twaddle “, balamútь “ babbler, stunner, head turner “. - Unredupl. presumably also Gk. βάζω “ talks, patters “, βάξις ‘speech”, βάσκειν λέγειν, κακολογεῖν Hes.; But Gk. βάσκανος “ invoking, imploring, exorcising; bewitching, casting a spell; spreading malicious gossip, speaking badly of; slanderous; envious, jealous “, βασκαίνω “ bewitches, envies “ has derived as magic word through borrowing from Northern language, perhaps Thrak. or Illyrian, from to bhü- “ speak “ belonging to present *bha-skō “ speaks, discusses “ (φάσκω; this also in Hesychs βάσκω?) (Kretschmer Einl. 248 f.); Lat. fascinum “ giving it the evil eye, spell casting, invocation (exorcism (?)); the male member; initially (at first) as a preventative against being bewitched “, fascinüre “ enchant, bewitch, envy “ are borrowed from Gk. and are adapted only in f- folk etymology in fürī etc. After Specht Decl. 133 here Lat. Osc. bl-ae-sus “ lisping, babbling “; different WH. I 107 f. Maybe Alb. (*phlas) flas ‘speak” not from Lat. fübula “a narration, narrative”.
    References: WP. II 105 f., WH. I 90, 94, Trautmann 24 f.

Proto-Indo-European etymological dictionary. 2015.

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